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About College of Science and Engineering.

【I. Background】

The College of Science and Engineering was founded in August of 2004 to train professionals for Southern Taiwan Science Park and high-tech industrial parks in promoting collaborative research in information technology, digital content, and electrical industry fields.


【II. Goals】

To put into practice from the academia to the industry.
To cultivate humanism quality, teamwork, and leadership.
To develop state-of-the-art and innovative research.
To facilitate industrial development and promotion.
To develop global perspectives.


【III. Departments and Graduate Institutes】

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Information and Learning Technology
Department of Material Science
Department of Mathematics Education
Graduate Institute of Mechatronics System Engineering


【IV.College Characteristic and Vision】

1.Innovation and Intelligence Technology

With the latest development of information and communication technology (ICT), National University of Tainan is the only university in Taiwan that offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Information and Learning Technology to improve the innovation and application of ICT and digital contents. The College also includes the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering to meet the demands of the new era of knowledge economics, intelligence living, and biomedical technology.


2.Photonic, Semiconductors and Materials Science

The location of the University is close to the Southern Taiwan Science Park, therefore the College of Science and Engineering has great opportunities to recruit talented students in semiconductor design and production. Accordingly, the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Materials Science were established in the College. Our college has been collaborating with many multinational enterprises and large corporations in the Science Park on industry-university cooperative research.


3.Electronic Design and Mechatronics Technologies

With the rapid development of automation technologies, the role of Factory Automation, Traffic Automation, Office Automation, Home Automation, and Communication Automation has become more important in our daily life. The College of Science and Engineering established the Graduate Institute of Mechatronics System Engineering to meet today’s innovative demands in mechatronics system and automation technology research fields.